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  • The Family

The Family

Very few things in life are both products of Time and timeless

The Family

The history

The story of Terrabianca intertwines in 2019 with that of the Italo-Swiss Burkard’s family. It is Adriana and Urs, with the acquisition of the Terrabianca and Il Tesoro estates, who change the destiny of this winery, driven by the desire to give life to a project rooted into the Tuscan oenological culture that aims to become a contemporary eco-sustainable business model.

The passion for wine and an enterprising spirit have always been part of the Burkards. For Adriana, the bond with the land and the hospitality are her family heritage, and have their roots in Italy. When still as a child, she used to follow her maternal grandparents about their work in the farm, in the vineyard and in the preparation of the house wine the “Lambrusco”. It is during these time, that Adriana develops a profound respect for the Land and for the art of cultivating it. A passion, that over the years has matured into a purpose of life. Also, thanks to the experience with her father's family - founder of the 'Zeffirino' brand, a symbol of the Italian gastronomy in the world, that Adriana learned the culture of hospitality. Over the years, Adriana's dynamism and insight along with a philanthropic vision, have been complementary to Urs strong entrepreneurial competences giving rise to the 'Arillo in Terrabianca' project.

Our logo

Arillo in

Reinterpreting the Burkard family’s coat of arms, Adriana and Urs have created the logo “Arillo in Terrabianca”: two stars and a castle on three hills, inscribed in an oval reminiscent of the shape of a grape, “arillus” in Latin.

The castle represents the solidity of the family; the two stars account for the future and the continuity through the Burkard’s sons, Gregor and Ricardo; the hills symbolize the three estates: Terrabianca, Il Tesoro and Colle Brezza. Past, Present and Future interlace around one of the founding values of the project: Give Respect, Receive Excellence.

The people

Our true
added value

United, professional and in love with their work is the team of Arillo in Terrabianca, composed of people born and raised in these lands, and from professionals that come from afar. Expert connoisseurs of agronomic and oenological traditions, with different experiences and for this complementary and valuable.

They are the foundation of our winery and the driving force of our success. With them we share values, targets, and the belief that the affirmation of each contributes to the fulfillment of all. Our philosophy guarantees a serene working environment, based on mutual respect, and cooperation but also on the joy of working together.

Those who choose to work with the Nature and for the Nature know that every day we need to face new challenges, and uncertainties. It’s a profession that requires great devotion and passion.