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  • The Colle Brezza Estate

In Val d’Orcia, Pienza

Colle Brezza

Between the 'ideal city' of Pienza and the stronghold of Montalcino, stands Colle Brezza, whose name derives from the light land-breeze that blows regularly and cradles the gentle slopes of the estate. Immersed in the beautiful setting of the National Park of Val d’Orcia (UNESCO Word Heritage Site since 2004), it’s a place where natural landscape and man’s work merge in a combination of shapes and colors that alternates sinuous hills, ancient villages, vineyards, and grim towers.

Colle Brezza estate

Gateway of
Val d'Orcia,
Heritage Site

It’s in this precious setting that Colle Brezza, our organic boutique-farm, covers 36 hectares of land surrounded by untouched woods, and is home to a natural white truffles production site. Our organic boutique-farm, surrounded by untouched woods is also the location of a natural area for the production of white truffles. Here the terroir, rich of stone and clay, is particularly suited for the growing of autochthonous grape varieties (5.5 hectares), olive groves (10 hectares) and rotational crops (15 hectares) such as forage, legume, cereals and greening for pollinator insects and bees. Thanks to a warm but tempered by wind and breezes microclimate, we produce typical and genuine specialties, that are authentic expression of the territory.

The grapes of our first harvest in 2020, have been devoted to sperimental micro-vinifications procedures of Sangiovese, Malvasia nera, Canaiolo and Colorino grapes. Today, we continue this work to better interpret the peculiarities of these vines, aimed to become a prestigious wine.

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